Lifestyle Activation Coaching

All greats have accepted help along the way. Embodiment coaching can help you become more in tune with yourself, establish yourself as who and how you want to be seen, and, in general, excel at any challenge. Finding harmony with your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental bodies, you’ll be able to create more grace and ease in all parts of your life including relationships and career.

12-week Lifestyle + Embodiment Coaching

During your 12-weeks of coaching we will empower you with connectedness to your body along with the focus, patience, and accountability you need to achieve the incredible results you desire and deserve in the most important areas of your professional and personal life.

1-hour video calls each week.


  • Movement flow

  • Self awareness and languaging

  • Ways to up level your communication for more clarity and cohesiveness

  • Time mastery strategies to triple your productivity

  • Learn the secrets to powerful emotional intelligence

  • Find synergy between your left and right brain qualities

  • Powerful and personalized meditation and practices

  • Clarity and vision along with goals/activities in each of the “9 Principles” of life

  • Up level your health and wellness for longevity

  • Learn to broaden your perspective to lead your teams more effectively

6-Month Maintenance Program

Following your 9-week coaching we will continue to keep you moving forward and up leveling through the 6-month maintenance program which will give you the opportunity to implement everything we worked on in the first 9-weeks. Creating good habits takes times and together, along with additional practices and accountability, your goals and successes have the opportunity to be achieved.

1-hour bi-monthly video calls

Continuation Process:

  • Custom steps to continue building upon goals, needs and experiences

  • Deeper dive into communication and understanding

  • Practices to develop instinct and decisiveness

  • Accountability to reach health and wellness goals

  • Personalized coaching based on new desired outcomes

  • Continue to align physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing

Interested in Lifestyle Activation Coaching?

Fill out the application below for your Introductory 45-minute session! Why fill out an application? Because I’m not going to ask you to change or force any cookie cutter life onto you. I’m going to help you transform your life into a life worth living on your terms and for this, your commitment is necessary.

Are you ready to step into what’s possible?