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As an entrepreneur, how many times have you broken your word? How many times has something slipped through the cracks? How much time has been wasted because of overwhelm and fatigue?

Actions speak louder than words. If you want to 10x your business, live a congruent lifestyle with your word and create relationships that are rooted in trust - I invite you to reach out.


it's possible podcast with kirsten asher

Conversations with experts and badasses who explore life, push the edges and share their experiences to help you bring your full self to the world.

We chat about - relationships, sexuality, adventure, men and women, expression, leadership, body awareness, confidence, taboos and more!

Anything is possible when you believe it to be.

Girl Hacks


Girl Hacks is a non-profit organization providing access to life-transforming programs, tools and education that inspire girls to be confident in making healthy choices for their lives in pursuit of their dreams.

Our mission is to provide 17-22 year old girls access to community support, personal and professional resources they need to navigate their lives from a place of sovereignty, self-awareness and discernment. 

INTEGRITY Testimonials

“I’ve never had someone hold me to such a high level of accountability in my life. My whole world has changed.” - James S

“The productivity that I’ve been able to commit to and achieve is invaluable.” - Alex F

“The depth of transparency and trust that are required has held me to my highest possible self. This not only has an affect on my business but my personal life as well, thank you.” Mark D