Integrity Coaching

Kirsten Asher Integrity Coaching

| Your Word is Everything |

I work with high level entrepreneurs who have their hands in many different projects and need to show up mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually fully engaged for themselves, their team and their personal lives.

INTEGRITY is a multi-touch point coaching program rooted in accountability, trust, development and execution. Are you ready to be the top 2%?



| Mind . Body . Sensuality |

Huntress gives women the opportunity to push their edges, get out of their comfort zone and find connection with themselves through dance, breathwork, mindfulness and their primal nature.

With so much constantly pulling our attention away from what we really want and desire, Huntress brings everything back to perspective and gives you the spark to keep going.

Huntress coterie

Kirsten Asher Huntress Coterie

| Expect Nothing . Experience Everything |

Huntress Coterie is an ongoing monthly training for women to become fierce feminine warriors in both their personal and professional life.

From 1:1 coaching, group trainings, curriculum and immersions, this program gives entrepreneurial women the chance to embrace their self-expression, stay in integrity and develop relationships with other strong women in leadership.

INTEGRITY Testimonials

“I’ve never had someone hold me to such a high level of accountability in my life. My whole world has changed.” - James S

“The productivity that I’ve been able to commit to and achieve is invaluable.” - Alexia F

“The depth of transparency and trust that are required has held me to my highest possible self. This not only has an affect on my business but my personal life as well, thank you.” Marlene D